Carbon Fiber Fuel Tank Side Front Covers for Yamaha MT-03 MT-25 2015-2019


  • Made of 100% High-End High-Quality 3K Japanese carbon fiber.
  • With epoxy resin and covered with special oil which has UV protection properties and gives a glossy surface finish on the product.
  • Manufacturing process: Vacuum (VARTM).
  • Pattern: Twill weave.
  • Made in Taiwan (High-Quality standards and High-Quality-Control).
  • Fits perfectly on the motorcycle.
  • Easy to install (DIY Stick-On): Includes high-quality high-end 3M double-sided stickers.

How to install:

  1. Use a wiper to clean all the dirt and dust from the OEM part where you will install the CF product,
  2. After cleaning, please remove one side of the double-sided 3M sticker of the CF product,
  3. Stick the product on the OEM part, install it properly and make some pressure on it,
  4. Installation is done.


  • Yamaha:
    • MT-25 2015-2019
    • MT-03 2015-2019

BMW G310R 鏈條上蓋 (CF) 真空


日本3K卡夢 品質認證 保固一年。

保固內容: 不起泡、不泛黃(非人為因素)

Item No :B-U69-HY009-C01