Carbon Fiber Upper Taillight Cover for Yamaha T-MAX 530 (17-19)


  • Made of 100% High-End High-Quality 3K Japanese carbon fiber.
  • With epoxy resin and covered with American essential oil which has UV protection properties and gives a glossy surface finish on the product.
  • Manufacturing process: Vacuum (VARTM).
  • Pattern: Twill weave.
  • Made in Taiwan (High-Quality standards and High-Quality-Control).
  • Fits perfectly on the motorcycle.
  • Easy to install (DIY Stick-On + using OEM screws/bolts): Includes high-quality high-end 3M double sided stickers.

How to install:

  1. Remove the screws or bolts that are holding the OEM part (but leave the OEM part installed, do NOT remove the OEM part from the bike).
  2. Use a wiper to clean all the dirt and dust from the OEM part where you will install the CF product,
  3. After cleaning, remove one side of the double-sided 3M sticker of the CF product,
  4. Stick the product on the OEM part, install it properly and make some pressure on it,
  5. Install back the screws or bolts, but this time on the CF product,
  6. Installation is done.


  • Yamaha:
    • T-MAX 530 2017-2019
    • T-MAX 530 ABS 2017-2019
    • T-MAX 530 SX 2017-2019
    • T-MAX 530 ABS SX 2017-2019
    • T-MAX 530 SX Sport Edition 2018-2019
    • T-MAX 530 ABS SX Sport Edition 2018-2019
    • T-MAX 530 DX 2017-2019
    • T-MAX 530 ABS DX 2017-2019

Item No.: Y-BC3-HY020-C01